Katherine Park

How can I help?

Katherine Park responded on 05/12/2014

Gosh, this questions is anonymous, it would help me so much to know who you are! Zein is that you??? Haha, I'm not sure, but regardless of who you are, it means so much to me that you asked. Whoever you are, just being your amazing self means the most.

I'm working on a few projects right now, aviatrixproject.org is the big one!
Everyone can help by clicking to donate or share.

I'm rehearsing for my biggest show yet, on the civic center stage downtown San Francisco, at Asian Heritage Street Celebration this Saturday. Please send me good vibes...

And I'm going to go after a few agents in SF that were recommended to me - cross fingers & toes. I am so busy these days that I need someone looking out for which projects are the kind of quality that would fit me best like an agent can.

Check out my new website, and newsletter out today...

Katherine :)

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